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adult recreation centre was founded in 2016, playing open mics, backyard parties, and weddings, until finally settling on a name in 2020 — much to their relief. Influenced by 90s Can-rock and the radio rock of their childhood, you can find them practising in cramped basements or cluttered garages with exceptionally poor heating. Carefully orchestrated guitars, driving percussion, and soaring hooks provide the base for their versatile approach to rock. Balancing shifting genres and influences from their local community, adult recreation centre stays true to their Ontario roots.

on their debut album, artifacts

Their debut album, artifacts, tracks the course of a relationship, from evoking late-night drives when every moment feels like a discovery to seeing constant reminders of what used to be — the “watches, wallets, and paperbacks” that spark a flash of memory or a pang of regret. The album touches on those stomach-turning moments of anxious excitement, on the yearning for reconnection, and on the bittersweet emotions that come with moving on.

After seeing a five-year relationship with his high school sweetheart collapse, lead songwriter Sandy Wright wrote through the aftermath, reflecting on attachment, mourning naive romanticism, and trying to cope with sudden isolation. COVID-19 upended all our lives, and the album developed in response, its longing for lost connections taking on the weight of the moment and our universal experiences. From the friends you see twice a year at parties who talk with you all night, to grandparents we could no longer see, artifacts is an album about our need for relationships and the devastation of losing them — and about knowing how to move on, in a time where moving on feels impossible.

Cover art for the album, artifacts. In a cardboard box, an assortment of items, ,leftovers from past relationships, are arranged. Photos, matches, CDs, tapes, bottles, and more.


adult recreation centre

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Artifacts (released May 7, 2021)
New Romantics (released April 23, 2021)
Without You (released November 17, 2020)
When My Memory Fades Away (released May 7, 2021)

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Link to watch the "New Romantics" lyric video
"New Romantics" Lyric Video
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