Creator and co-host of the Giamatti, Giamatti, Giamatti podcast dedicated to the discussion of acclaimed actor, Paul Giamatti.

1. The Idea

The idea was to create a podcast all about Paul Giamatti. I pitched it to my best-friend and creative partner, Sam Calderon, and he loved the idea. We began to develop the format of the show, seeking to create something hyper-specific... something that dived into every single role Paul Giamatti has ever taken. It would be in-depth, academic, and ridiculous. This required an almost absurd amount of research and organization.

I love our podcast because not only is the end-product hilarious... but the idea of someone making a podcast dedicated to Paul Giamatti is hilarious in-and-of-itself. Our podcast has found a little niche in the entertainment market, and has developed a group of dedicated listeners.

2. Recording the Show

We record the podcast every week, discussing a new movie in the Giamatti canon. We use Adobe Creative Cloud to edit clips to be used on air and on social media. The recordings are done using my personal audio set-up and recorded into Ableton Live. I both engineer the sessions and edit the podcast. In developing our routine, I have become comfortable using Ableton Live, Logic, and Adobe Audition to record and edit audio. We use Anchor to host our show, however all episodes are available on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

3. Social Media Management

We interact with our listeners through email and social media. We have a presence on all major social networks, however our reach is strongest on Instagram where we publish tailored videos and photos. I manage our social media accounts and curate the feed to post regular content using Buffer. This allows me to cross-post between networks and cue posts in advance. In addition, I design the album art and promotional materials released throughout the week using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have also designed Instagram Story templates that are used to promote new episodes.

4. Where We Are Now

I am so proud of what Sam and I have created together. The podcast launched in Fall 2018 and has found a small, dedicated fan base — which is just incredible. We have found our footing and plan to start marketing the podcast on social media within the first quarter of 2019 to continue our growth. In a perfect world, we would meet Paul Giamatti and have him become our third co-host, however we are an academic podcast and that would create some unintentional bias. As scholars and fans, we could never allow that.

Continue on with this groundbreaking work. I feel in distant decades humans will unearth this podcast in the deep recesses of the internet along with Shane Dawson YouTube videos. They will recognize Paul Giamatti for the icon he is and maybe worship him as a pseudo God figure like they do with Ford automobiles in Brave New World.

Blessed be the Giamatti, praise be.

This quote is from an email we received from our listener Nina who sums up the enormous contribution we are making to society. However, even if our work is not groundbreaking, the podcast is really, really fun to do. It has also given me an opportunity to develop my comedic voice and communication skills as well as my social media and project management abilities. So it's not all a bust.

Have Yourself a Listen

I encourage you to take a listen but I will warn you... the podcast is not safe for work. Unless you work for Paul Giamatti. And even then it might still be a little unsafe.

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